28 January 2009

time in hospitals

2009 has definitely started off with a bang!

It has been busier than I'd like with all sorts of medical crap. Everywhere I turn, it seems there is a 911 issue popping up.

First it was poor Edina taking a graceful fall at the rollerskating rink. The evening ended with a broken wrist, which required surgery of pins and plates to put it back together.

Next up, overlapping a bit with Eddie, was Alexander and his gallbladder. It required removal on the same day Eddie's pins and plates were added. Just when we were relieved that the pesky gallbladder was gone and Alexander and I would be on for our vision quest weekend, poof! Alexander's phone rings. His surgeon bore the news that Alexander's gallbladder was full of cancer. Yes. Cancer.

When I received that tidbit via voice mail, I felt all the air leave my lungs and the room itself. Shock, baby. My dear Alexander only just turned 33 at the beginning of the year. Disbelief ran high as Alexander and I have been friends since I was 17 years old. Our lives have taken us all over the space/time continuum but our friendship has only strengthened.

After a weekend of phone tag, we finally had a conversation on Sunday afternoon. We talked about the specifics. His first surgery was scheduled for the Saturday of our retreat. Since it has been moved again to tomorrow. I am happy that I am flying into LAX and will get to see him on Friday, even though he will be post-op.

My Alexander. After our conversation, I know he is going to be okay. I am happy with the timing as I feel it is crucially important that he and I are together, even if only for a few hours, through this. Our bond is one of those indescribable bonds.

He is going to be on bed rest for quite some time. I am going to go visit him and check in on him during that time. A few weekends to Cali isn't much. But more importantly, from the minute I received the news, thoughts of all my missteps with Goofy Buddy came to the forefront. I will not repeat that.

So Friday, I get to continue my court jester duties as I have for Edina's confinement. I cannot wait to see my Alexander and give him lots of grief about the hospital gown and the parts it doesn't cover... which is especially fitting since he is a gay man!

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