29 August 2006

Can you limbo lower?

yes, we are back in limbo land in relationship-ville.

so i did not see or really hear from MM all weekend.

the scorpio in me takes over and decides i am going to solve my end of the problem. i work through all my feelings on microsoft word. at the end, four pages, which i deliver to MM.

afterwards we talked about it. tired is his new word. tired can go so many ways. i am wondering if we both aren't merely tired? tired of all the shit that clutters our path and makes the journey a struggle. i am tired on many, many fronts. why shouldn't he be too?

so maybe we aren't over after all. maybe all that is necessary is a little time to clear the clutter out of the way. to make the path a easier to tread. at least for awhile.

this morning, i awoke in his bed quite doubtful of our future together. but right now, i am not feeling bad any more. the light bulb flickered on!

if it is meant to be, it will happen. we will find our way.

our paths will never be clod free. but we must learn how to work together and how to work apart.

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