13 May 2007

'Cause I wonder, wonder...

So Montana Man is not returning my phone calls.

Which makes me wonder...
  • Does he truly want to get back together?
  • Did he not agree with my desire to take it slow?
  • Is this him taking it slow?
  • Is he back with the previous girlfriend?
  • Did he mean what he confessed to me?
  • Why am I upset over this?

Why am I so upset about this lack of contact? Or should I say minimal contact? I left him a voicemail this morning and stated "I am beginning to develop a complex because for the man who is always on the phone, why aren't you returning my calls?"

I need to get this whole situation cleared up because the see-saw is affecting me. I want to grow something with Montana Man but only if we can be on the same page together.

You know, he always asks me what I want. I think the time has come for me to pose that same question to him. Either we are moving forward or not.

In the case of Harry! I am so over it.

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