10 May 2007

Take The Cake

It's Thursday and I have a constant pain on the lower right hand side of my pelvisy area. Yippee! It is ovarian cyst time once again. Shoot me!

As a direct result, it has been a very long day. How do I chose to wallow in pain that 4 Advil and an Aleve does not make a dent in? I eat this. More than I should eat too.

I have been so sluggish and not sleeping well so I made an appointment for an acupuncture tune up. I cannot wait to relax while the little pins are working their magic.

Today I met up with a pal for coffee. I haven't seen her since Christmas. She was shocked when she saw how thin I have gotten. She met me when I was fat, so she has never known the skinny me. I was excited it was so noticeable.

I am sleepy. I think I am going to take a nap. I have done too much thinking this week. I am looking forward to seeing one of my dearest friends tonight - heaven knows I have so much to fill him in on and I value his insight.

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