06 May 2007

Three Strikes

Think I am done with Harry.

Whining. Lack of communication. Sexual performance (aka lack thereof).

Whining. The constant whining - sick, hurt, money - is getting old. First, it was going home for three days. His family time did not sound terrible. Then he got sick and that lasted a few weeks. Now the back pain. Followed by constant money mismanagement talk. Whining has it place and time. Yes, we all do it. But this is becoming a constant.

Lack of communication; otherwise known as a daily e-mail does not count as a valid form of meaningful communication. I do not like that Harry does not call me when I am out of town. We don't talk all week. Not hearing his voice and more importantly him not making any effort to call does not make me a happy girl. When we first started dating, he'd call me daily. Then - poof! - the calls dried up. The other day, Harry tells me about the story he had to tell the scheduler to get the time off for his trip to see me. The key words to strike my blood pressure into the stratosphere "since I didn't know what was going on with your job." To which I replied, "If you would have called me at all this week, you'd have known what was going on." Harry then states "but I email you every day." A daily e-mail does not encompass everything. He proceeded to come up with a litany of excuses about how a daily call is not always achievable. I did not ask for daily. I simply asked for more than weekly.

The lack of sexual functionality is also bringing me down. Harry has had occasional penile stamina issues in the past. However, these occasional issues are becoming a regular occurrence. This girl is not happy. After being without sex for a week, Harry had his performance issues again. I got nothing out of it. Nothing. Let me repeat that. Nothing.

Another item is the constant chatter about his ex-wife. I do not speak incessantly about my ex-Leech and/or any of my past boyfriends, so why his need to constantly mention her.

What am I doing with my life?

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