03 July 2007

The Future... it's anyone's guess now

My beloved psychic passed away. I tried calling for an appointment. The phone had been disconnected. When I saw her last year, somehow I knew that was my last reading, my last time seeing the woman who saw so much. Letting my fingers do some walking, I found her obituary complete with her photo.

She was such a gifted, honest psychic using her incredible powers to help other. She told me things, things I would not understand for years. But after enough time passed, everything she said made perfect sense.

It is funny because in my early readings, I always thought she was speaking of my situation in the "now" (that was "then"). Time passed, life happened, I listened to my tapes years later only to begin to comprehend that she saw into deeper into the future that I realized. During my first reading, she spoke my leaving a relationship, a marriage. At the time, I thought it was my relationship at the time - a med student I was walking away from. What she was seeing was me walking away from my marriage six years later, talking about it ending before I even met my ex-Leech.

My last reading that took place last spring was all about Montana Man. Every single second was about him. She told me she was 99% sure I met the man I was supposed to spend my life with. She saw me up at the ranch (I'd not visited yet but she saw my visit up there too) with three children. She saw the log cabin surrounded by trees and me there with three children years before too. The man was a Libra or a lawyer. You can guess - Montana Man is a Libra and he has two children. I am to assume the third child is one we are to have together. She described the Montana property to a "t", so much so that when I laid eyes on it last year, I felt some level of deja vu.

But so much has happened. So much has changed since April 2006. Life is not on the same track as when I saw her last. I wanted to see her to know whether my choices made via free will had changed the landscape. Or is it just that once again, she was seeing things many years down the road.... maybe in five years that too will make perfect sense. Now I will never know until the time comes to pass. No more sneak peeks at coming attractions because my beloved psychic is now resting peaceful.

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