14 July 2007

Lady Bird and Me

Austin truly has this magical charm about it. I have had adventure while working for money and emotional health. There has definitely not be a lack of wonderful events which have left an indelible impression on my soul.

Last night I got to participate in a once in a lifetime event. The UT clock tower was aglow in orange light. Unbeknown to me, the tower is rarely lit in the home town color. Last night the clock tower was ablaze in remembrance for Lady Bird Johnson.

After enjoying the UT Moonlight Prowl, I proceeded to the Lyndon B. Johnson Library to say hi to this dear town's Lady Bird. Even though it was late at night, the news vans were present in full force and there were many Austinites milling around. Made my way through the library and up the stairs where Lady Bird lay. The casket was closed and covered in a beautiful thick brocade blanket. The blanket consisted of an intricate design - very colorful, and everything was outlined in a thin gold thread.

I got to see a First Lady as she lay resting. What struck me most last night was that Texas is so steeped with presidential history and I have been surrounded by it, reminded of when out here. Last summer, every night I left the office, I drove past the DFW book depository and the exact spot where President Kennedy was assassinated. Now I was in the presence of the next phase of American history after President Kennedy died there in the LBJ Presidential Library.

Last night on my way home, I began to reflect on my life and just how extremely fortunate I am. I was a witness at President Clinton's first inauguration. I have been around the world - figuratively and literally. I have a job, house, and closet full of clothes and shoes. I am making my peace with the past transgressions and with each day am closer to being healed.

Now I can add to the list that I spent a little time with a former First Lady before she headed West.

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