31 July 2007

Six Weeks

A good part of my week at home, aside from being riddled with appointments, was spent contemplating. Ever the multi-tasker, my mind was chugging full steam on numerous topics. I found the session notes with my beloved little psychic. Realization - two adults with free will could possibly derail everything she saw.

Enter The Southern Gentleman. Dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin. He too is someone my beloved little psychic spoke of as well. The Southern Gentleman is calling and emailing on a fairly regular basis. As if to be pursuing me. At least that is what it feels like. In re-telling my history with The Southern Gentleman to my visiting pal, Barb, I realized that he and I have known each other for just over seven years. And here we are seven years later, and he is contacting me more than ever. Is The Southern Gentleman my future? What will his trip out here next month reveal? Are we opening Pandora's Box? Or are we embarking on a bright future together?

Me and you, oh dear Internet, will know the answer in about six weeks. I would be happy to start a life with The Southern Gentleman; he's smart, fun, laughs, drinks, travels, and drop dead gorgeous too. He continually tells me that he is coming out here to see me and not the fun city. In fact, he says that it could rain the whole time and we don't go anywhere, he wouldn't care because he's here to see me. Now that definitely sounds like he is interested in me, don't cha think?!

I have already decided I am going to park the car and be waiting for him to emerge from the airport terminal. This is definitely going to be decidedly different than Harry Goldenblatt's trip out here. I am so excited - I simply cannot wait to see him!

If, or should I say when the sparks fly, I am ready to move to the other side of the country to be with The Southern Gentleman. Long distance sucks and I am ready to plunge doing a perfect swan dive. The hounds will learn what flea collars are but they'll love it because I will be happy. Positive, yummy happiness will be here in six week! I am tingly with excitement!

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