21 August 2007

Tuesday, ah, Tuesday

Yikes! Almost a month since my last post. Yes, life has been moving fast. Work, social life, work, work. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Survived Mexico. Quite happy I traveled when I did, 'cause I missed the hurricane fun and excitement.

Lived thru my first ever "where's the hurricane gonna hit" because I might get trapped in Texas. Ever so thrilled that good ol' Hurricane Dean appears to be steering clear of the Lone Star State. Amen!

Scored an ACL 3-day pass... after they'd been sold out for months. Just released a few more today and the ACL gods were smiling down on me... I got two tickets. I cannot wait for the insanity... The Killer, Regina Spektor, Bob Dylan, Joss Stone, Blue October... I cannot wait.

The Southern Gentleman called on Sunday. I called back tonight but it went straight to voicemail. He arrives a month from today. Excitement is building.

Found dresses this weekend. Steve Madden dresses, of which I now own two. As if to be hott, hott, hott when the Southern Gentleman rolls into town. Went out tonight in one of the other dresses I bought this weekend, and a group of women came up to me and told me what a great dress I was wearing. They gave me the highest compliment possible - "it looks like a dress from the Sex and The City" - I was so happy to be back in my old body - cause "Sex and The City" dress is a size 8! Yee hah! However, no men to speak of...

Off to bed. I am exhausted. Other stories to come...

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evilsciencechick said...

thought maybe you'd run off with a hot latino lover while on vacation ;)

ahem...picture of said dress???