23 August 2007

Overall, Mexico

In reading my holiday post, it reads like I spent most of my time being agitated. Aside for the momentary annoyance blips, I had a thoroughly relaxing time and enjoyed myself.

My vision of this little jaunt was fulfilled. I spent lots of time at the pool and ocean, basked in the sun to the point of deep lobster redness, which has left me tan; overall, I was one pleased girl.

I learned my independence is a good thing and I have to start looking at it as such. I realized not many of the people I was with were actually okay with just being by themselves - they needed to do everything in a pack. Being able to follow my own drummer and not have to be with peeps 24/7 is something I need to take more pride in than I do.

Of course, I looked like a poodle the entire time as the fatal recipe of naturally curly hair, water, and intense humidity was in full motion. But I was even okay with my poodle-ness. I am what I am. But lipo on the thighs still sounds very tempting.

Overall, Mexico remained Mexico in my books. I am not fond of those types of holidays but for cheap and close, it works. I enjoyed the much needed time away. Got the batteries recharged a bit. And I still have lots of holiday time to burn...

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