26 August 2007

Phone Call + Memory = Raised Antenna

The Southern Gentleman called today.

Can we say jumping out of my skin with excitement?!?

It would appear that Sunday is his normally scheduled "let's call Wanderlust Gyrl" day. Because it is becoming a pattern. And I am digging this pattern.

We spoke for a half hour. I asked what he was up to; his reply "I just got out of the shower." Hmmm... as if to be a half naked Southern Gentleman... I can picture his scrumptious tan body, rippling muscles, with a bit of lingering water droplets... oh! the towel accidentally slid off and glided to the floor... yummy... OK, back to reality, must pay attention to what he is telling me!

The Southern Gentleman was relieved that I had enjoyed my Mexico holiday before Hurricane Dean decided to eat up the Yucatan. We discussed his final exams, his move back to the South, and upcoming holiday. We spoke of my discontent at Nerd Paradise; the Southern Gentleman then tells that I could take a month sabbatical to work with him at his new business and see if I would happy returning to Nerd Paradise after that time. My antenna went up and spun around crazily at that comment.

Why did my antenna raise? First of all, that seemed an odd comment. But a comment that certainly sounds like he is thinking of life past his trip to SxSW-land, don't cha think? Or am I reading too much into this?? Secondly, when he came out for a business trip 5 years ago shortly before I got married (and he was still married), The Southern Gentleman told me that his dream would be to have this particular business (the biz he is launching now) and he and his wife would run it together. Little did he know, his then-wife would come home and tell him she wanted a divorce shortly after he shared his dream with me. But knowing that is his dream, made his comment all the more powerful as far as I am concerned. Hence, my antenna are on an orange-possibly-raising-to-red-alert-level, a positive raising :-)

I think The Southern Gentleman's trip will either be all or nothing - either we are going for the whole enchilada smothered with green chile or remaining friends as we have been for the past seven years. However, I remain hopeful, continuing to visualize spectacular fireworks over the Austin sky.

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