22 July 2007

The Home Front

It was a busy week. I survived work. Made it home in one piece. Now to rest for ten seconds and start cleaning as out-of-towners arrive tomorrow.

Yeah, last time I truly cleaned the house was about three months ago. No reason to clean if I am only home for ten minutes each month. The dust levels have soared to new heights.

Friday morning Montana Man picked me up at the airport. From there we picked up the dogs, ran errands, had lunch, cleaned the dogs, and engaged in horizontal activities. I just needed it.

Friday night I had a date with the Questionable Italian. We had a good time. It is just in the planning portion that he falls down on the job. In my personal off-the-clock life, I am not into being the lead dog when decision time rolls around. But I am definitely making progress in my new "no more charity work" campaign where men are concerned. I am slowly but surely making my way up the ladder toward "the one."

Yesterday, Montana Man and I went to my favorite market that recently opened up down the road. Me and him - grocery shopping - planning dinners - just like married/together people would do. Which is something we didn't even do when we were dating. To anyone looking at us, I know we appeared like two people in a happy, healthy relationship.

Is it evolution? or nothing? Even though we are both somewhere in our 30's, I know both of us are growing up. But the question lies in, are we growing up together or separately? I feel the answer lies in that we are doing a combination of the two. In many respects, our "non-relationship" best friends thing is a catch-22 but at the same time it is a fairly healthy relationship - if it were a "relationship." We are more of a team now than ever. We are more open and communicate a million times better than we ever did when we were dating. In removing the title, we have flourished in many important facets.

Yesterday, it was nice to doing grocery shopping together. I know he enjoyed it too. We are both conflicted. Neither of us can leave the other. What is it that keeps the bond between us? Karma? Our souls recognizing something that we cannot understand?

A lot of days, I believe what my little psychic saw will eventually come to fruition. She always said she wasn't good with time. Or then again, may be not. But so far, she's never been wrong.

Which ever way the cookie crumbles, it'll be okay 'cause that's how I roll.

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