14 February 2010

another saturday with bolt

Yesterday was another fabulous Saturday here in the ATX.

Lulu and I woke up early and walked Town Lake at high speed. Enjoyed a bit of lounging catch up time. As I was making my errand list, Edina sent me a text stating that some folks were meeting early and I should ask Bolt to join us. Of course, I am a big chicken when it comes to those types of things where the opportunity for rejection is a possibility. So, I did not ask Bolt.

Ran my errands, including an impromptu stop at DSW shoes where I found the perfect pair of cranberry red patent leather shoes. I made my way to the bar to meet up with everyone.

Slowly people trickled in for the official event, our social club’s rock-paper-scissors tournament – Edina’s brainchild. Of the brackets, I was the first to go. How terribly self-conscious I was as I have never played rock-paper-scissors before in my life. Somehow, I won my first round. I continued to win round after round until I made it to the finals. The guy I was playing against wanted to stand in my spot and want to throw much faster – none of which he got as it was all on my terms. Yes, I did win. Edina even had a trophy made.

We continued to hang out after my victory. Edina and I went to chat privately away from the crowd in none other than the bathroom of course. Turns out Edina’s boyfriend, Homey sent Bolt a text message telling him to come down here. Bolt responded, “Hey Pats – just got back from a bike ride. What’s going on?” You see, Homey and I both have mobile phones with CO area codes. I was tickled that Bolt assumed it was me based on the area code. Homey did clarify that it wasn’t me texting Bolt.

Later, Homey did get Bolt to come join us at the bar. Bolt does have a good sense of humor though because when he walked in and met us, he walked over to Homey and said “Hey Pats” and then called me ‘Homey’ to make light of it. We did Jaeger bombs to celebrate my big win. Somehow, Homey inquired when Bolt’s birthday is and since it is close, Homey started planning Bolt’s birthday. We also finalized that next weekend Bolt is also joining us for Carnaval.

Then we had a location change for dinner. We all piled into my car and headed down the road. Bolt remained close to me; asking if I wanted a cocktail while we waited for a table, sitting next to me at dinner. After dinner, the group split up as some had tickets to a burlesque show and some did not. As I did not have evening plans, I had purchased a burlesque ticket in the morning. The show was now sold out.

Edina and Homey went their way, Bolt got his car and he and I met at the burlesque venue. Because my name was on the list, we got to bypass the huge entry line. Bolt and I headed to the back where the show had already begun. We were stopped for wristbands, so back to the front to get our wrist bands. I told Bolt, ‘Just play along.’ I know he did not realize what I meant. We got up to the booth, and I act surprised when the gal informs me I only ordered one ticket. She then asks for my iphone to show her the receipt. I told her I am not that technologically advanced and my mobile phone is purely for phone calls. She then asks what my total bill was and I coolly reply $32. That was good enough for her and we both received wristbands.

The show was good. It was especially nice to turn my head to the left and see Bolt smiling at me. After the show, we enjoyed a few cocktails, chatted. Bolt was sure to wish me a Happy Valentine’s Day at midnight. The rest of the group left; Bolt and I remained laughing and talking until the venue closed. Always a gentleman, Bolt walked me to my car. I didn’t know where he parked and asked if he wanted a lift to his car. He said yes as he was parked behind the buildings completely opposite of where I was parked. We stayed in my car alternating between talking and making out until 3:45 AM.

And that is how the fourth Saturday in a row with Bolt went down. My giddiness continues.

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