28 February 2010

five out of six

Yesterday was Saturday.

You know what Saturdays have been consisting of for the past five consecutive weeks? Bolt.

This past Saturday was a bit different as Bolt did not make an appearance on my docket. However, I was not expecting this little surprise. I decided to send Bolt a text message regarding the location of Saturday's night festivities. Within mere moments, Bolt sent a response inquiring about arrival time and I responded accordingly. I was so excited at Bolt's rapid response. I was super thrilled for the night.

Walking to the party, I thought I saw Bolt's vehicle parked down the street. No Bolt sights though. The evening wore on and he was a no-show. I was disappointed. Very disappointed.


Fiona said...


Sad face here. I hope this is just a little blip on the radar and you get together soon.

Missing someone sucks but it also helps us examine the extent of our attraction :-))

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna have to call Bolt "Dolt" until he gets back into my good graces.

patsy said...

Fi ~ Hopefully, his weekend was dull and boring without me!

Coco ~ He gets a pass this one time.