07 February 2010

yet another memorable night

Last night I had an absolutely wonderful evening. Not only was the evening filled with fun and friends, a new gentleman caller is emerging onto my scene. This is the third weekend, the new suitor has joined us for our weekend shenanigans.

Edina has been quite the mastermind ensuring the new suitor, Bolt is included on the invite list and Bolt is happily attending. Last night, we did an art crawl. So much fun was had and Bolt was firmly planted by my side. At dinner, he sat near me. Then we headed on to a coffee house art opening near the restaurant. As it was within walking distance, our motley crew took to the street and Bolt walked with me.

Our next destination was a bit further and required carpooling. Edina ensured Bolt and I were together in split. We ended up at some industrial garages that house art studios. Some of the stuff was neat and others were bizarre, as was the mix of people. Bolt cozied up in the car a bit. At our next stop, we had a shot at the bar and then made cocktails in Edina's trunk before watching the outdoor show. The show was really cool - lightening arcs. Edina whipped out the camera and photo taking commenced and at one point Bolt laced his fingers in mine and squeezed.

After that show, our driver wanted to call it a night. So Bolt and I ended up jumping in with Edina and our 3 other friends. The back seat was filled and I had to lay across the three in the back. It was priceless. We wound up downtown and I am still amazed at how I laid/straddled across three people, including Bolt. Downtown we hit a few locations. Bolt was always with me. We danced, we laughed. Bolt was so delightful. I had such a wonderful time. I am fairly sure Bolt is into me. Hopefully this is the start of something good.


Fiona said...

Big thumbs up re Bolt :)

Sounding good woman!!!



patsy said...

Thanks, Fiona! Holding thumbs!!