21 February 2010


Last night was Carnaval in the ATX. It was fabulous fun!

But let's do a little back tracking, shall we?

Friday afternoon I sent a note to Bolt with the will call information for our tickets on Saturday. I told him about the warm-up party too. I was proud of myself for sending him the details instead of chickening out.

Now to Saturday. I slept in and didn't make it to boot camp. However, I did have a two and half hour phone call with my mother about death as her 92 year old mother (my grandmother) is dying. After that downer, I ran errands such as eye brow waxing and returning Carnaval outfits that didn't make the cut. When I arrived home at 3:15, there was a response from Bolt inquiring about the warm-up party location. I took a nap and then sent Bolt the details. I started getting ready for the night, which meant I was in the back of the house away from my phone.

I curled my hair, applied my make up and put on my fishnets. I felt rather naked in my negligee. In checking my mobile's battery life, I saw there was a message from Edina stating Bolt needed the directions to the warm-up party because he was without internet. Edina sent Bolt's number and I provided him the details. I quickly received a response from Bolt, "cool - on my way!"

I parked at the garage and had to psych myself up to walk from there to the party location a few blocks away. Luckily I ran into an acquaintance along the way so I wasn't as self-conscious. Got to the warm-up party and walked in to see Bolt there waiting for me.

Cocktails were had. More people arrived. Then Bolt's ex walked through the door and he decided it was time to make me another drink. She came over and chatted him up and I used the time to circulate. He was back at my side shortly and then one of my long time admirers arrived and was getting a little handsy with me. Of course, Bolt gets very close to stake out his 'property', which I thought was pretty neat.

It was shortly past 9 PM and time to leave for the main venue. I went to the bathroom to affix my mask. With that done, I took off my coat to reveal my outfit and we were out the door. We picked up our tickets at will call without a hitch and entered the party. Bolt and I broke off from the group quickly and submerged ourselves into the festivities.

We ran into others from time-to-time, but we stayed together all night. Bolt brought a flask and we did small toasts along the way. During our last break of the night, we caught up with the bulk of the crew. At some point Edina and I were whisked away by a man to join a conga line. Later Bolt was resourceful and we jumped in a conga line so he could touch me a bit. We ended the night dancing cheek to cheek with bit of smoochy-smooch.

After the lights came up, we headed to the door with a small pocket of the group. Bolt took my hand and didn't let go until we were back at warm-up party headquarters. The night wound down around 3 AM. Bolt drove me to my car and we kissed good night.

I'd say my first Carnaval was a success.

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