18 February 2010

oblivious is my name

I tend to be rather oblivious to male attention. Until I started working on this life-draining vampire project, I had no idea how utterly and completely oblivious I truly am.

My work partner, Super Dad on this assignment has brought it to my attention just how much I miss. If we walk to get a coffee, he points out the men eyeballing me. One day I jokingly told Super Dad we needed a signal when I was getting checked out. And so our signal was born, he waves his hand obnoxious in front of my face.

Today, when Super Dad and I got on the elevator there was a man already in the car. Super Dad and I were talking and about half way through our trip up the elevator shaft, he waves his hand in front of my face. Our sign! I completely missed the other guy in the elevator ! Who was starting at me ! Intently!

However, as the days of Super Dad and I working closely together grows, I am beginning to think he is interested in me as well. When Super Dad is in town, we have dinner together at least three nights a week. He keeps inquiring if there is an office rumor about us. He has started asking about my time with Bolt. That little voice has started talking to me and I do think Super Dad has a bit of crush.

I will continue to keep things in check. We work well together. We enjoy each other's company. But it is nothing more than buddies on or off the clock.


Fiona said...

Oh yeah Patsy, he's TOTALLY checking you out ;

My bestest galpal is like you and keeps denying she's eye-candy!!

patsy said...

yes, fi, he is getting bolder this week. yuck.