16 August 2012

another fab date night

Last night. 

It was fabulous. 

Absolutely fabulous. 

I truly do like Mr. Manners. We have so much in common. Conversation is easy and fun. There is definitely a big bright spark between us. 

Of course, try as I might to be on time, I wasn't. Only about 15 minutes late and there he was sitting at the bar in a suit. Whoa, baby! Mr. Manners was quite the sight. Suit = hot. 

We quickly jumped in to getting caught up on our very eventful day. Oh, the way that man looks at me. Not in a gross sort of undressing me way; his gaze is intent as he takes in all the details. I have never had a man look at me like that before. I could get very used to it. 

As the evening progressed, we touched on some deep subjects. He is passionate about things and I find that so very refreshing. He has dimensions. Again, Mr. Manners was such a gentleman. 

At the end of the evening, he walked me to my car; putting his arm around me. Ah, bliss. Since I parked far away (due to being frazzled when I got there), I drove him back to his car. Oh, the man kissed me goodbye. Several times. Several times. 

Mr. Manners is busy making plans for future time together and I cannot wait. 


Fiona said...

*doing a happy dance here*

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay Patsy!!!

I loved this:

"He has dimensions."

Good, very good :)

Carla said...

That's awesome. Glad to hear it going so well for you.
Yep he's sounding more and more like a keeper