14 August 2012


Mr. Manners is living up to his moniker. He is so polite, respectful, courteous.

I saw that I missed two calls from Mr. Manners this evening and there was a voicemail waiting for me. Immediately (and wrongly) I assumed the worst: he is cancelling tomorrow night.

I listened to the message and was delighted that he was merely letting me know he may be a bit late tomorrow night. Nothing serious. Simply being a courteous man.

I called him back and got his voicemail but he called back shortly. We spoke for about a half hour about the fun and games we have going on during the day tomorrow before we meet up. Since August is really busy for both of us, Mr. Manners was already inquiring about my schedule for next week. Woo hoo!!

While I was already excited for tomorrow night, tonight's turn of events have me looking forward to 5 PM even more.

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Carla said...

Sounds like a good guy so far.