10 August 2012

i hope you dance

Let's play a bit of catch up...

Potential Suitor #2. He was even more of a pushy, stick-up-his-arse man than I anticipated. He didn't know how to play bingo but he sure knew how to point all the numbers out on my card. Irritated, oh yes I was indeed! He didn't even tell me he was leaving (I thought he was on another smoke break, which I wasn't too excited about anyway). I found a twenty folded in half under his water glass. Classy, kids, classy.

Now Potential Suitor #3 has been in the wings for awhile. We finally made a date to meet this past Wednesday. 

In the meantime, there was a Potential Suitor #4. He was all about text messages and not meeting. Seriously, a girl simply cannot waste that much energy on text messages. Grow a pair and let's meet. So, I haven't heard from him since Monday and I am okay with it. 

Back to Potential Suitor #3. Wednesday night was such a truly pleasant surprise. I psyched myself for one drink filled with graciousness and out the door. He was there when I arrived and when he motioned at me, I almost died because he was better looking in person (and his photos were nice already). He definitely drank me in and filled me in on his online switcho-changeo experiences, e.g., the person looks nothing like her photos. He was perceptive and inquired as to what perfume I was wearing. My obscure French perfume continues to work her magic on men. So we had a drink and split a dozen oysters and he asked if I'd like to join him for dinner. 

We had a lovely dinner at a steak place. Enjoyed wine, talked, laughed. I really did enjoy him. He was also very gentleman old school style. Not only did he open door, he made sure he walked on the traffic side of the sidewalk as we traversed downtown. He thought my slight Texas accent was cute. He walked me to my car, asking me to send him a quick text when I got home; he prefaced this request with "Now I know this is going to sound very old-fashioned but would you please,". And then kids, Mr. Manners kissed me. Oh baby! Oh baby! He said he wanted to see me again too and made that statement several times. 

I did send him a quick message when I got home. He immediately responded and reiterated that he wanted to arrange a second date. 

Yesterday, Mr. Manners sent me a message after work. We exchanged a few but no second date planned. 

Today I didn't hear from him. I should have sent him a message but I was on the fence all afternoon so I didn't.... don't want to appear too pushy. Dating is such a delicate dance. And I have two left feet. 

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Carla said...

#2 What a Jerk. He could have said this ain't working so I let you enjoy your evening. Good ridance.

Now #3 sounds like he might be worth a 2nd date. Good luck in that prospect.

#4 sounds a little flakey but then he could just be really shy and scared.

Good luck in whatever you do. Stay happy.