13 August 2012

suck it up

A weekend free of Mr. Manners contact and as such, I was a bit hesitant to contact him today (but way deep down, I knew I needed to). If there is one thing I have come to know about me, it is that I am not encouraging to the male species.

And so I sucked up my courage and sent Mr. Manners a text. Immediate response. Immediate. A little tip-toeing back and forth and then once again, sucked up more courage to press 'send' on "anything exciting this week?" The flood gates opened, with he has his guys trip coming up this weekend followed by "want to try and get together?"

Amen! Wednesday we are seeing each other again. We'll see how things go a second time. For once, I am actually excited. Now, what to wear?!


Fiona said...

*exhaling* I was holding my breath!

Glad to hear that communication has been re-established. Sounds very promising.

As to what to wear. I vote for something understatedly sexy ;)

Looking forward to your next post-date post :)

Carla said...

Since I'm so far behind in my reading I guess I need to catch up and see how #2 went or did read it already. Oh Lordy my mind is gone.