10 December 2006

Carolinas Calling?

I spoke to Golf Champ today to verify when his television appearance would be. Golf Champ wants me to come out to the Carolinas at the end of December. Speaking to him brings back this flood of the unknown, feeling ever so cosmically linked. I left the Carolinas in late 4Q 2000 and we've always kept in touch. His marriage ended the exact day mine began. We've always, always been drawn to each other like powerful magnets - a strong, Herculean pull that cannot be denied.

I was hesitant to meet up for Thanksgiving. But what am I waiting for? Why am I hesitant? What's the worse that could happen? We remain friends - I would not complain or be disappointed. BUT I would know.

Things that make me hesitant:
  1. This was the only man that I would have cheated on my ex-Leech with when I was married
  2. This is the only man I kissed while I was married
  3. I don't want to be faced with deciding whether or not we sleep together
  4. I don't want to be left hanging while he goes and does his thing and I mine
  5. He is my male sounding board

But, I have nothing to lose if I approach this as what it is - we are friends visiting. Nothing more, nothing less. This has nothing to do with MM and all to do with me.

Golf Champ and I worked together closely for a year. We were partners, a team, the dynamic duo of the bunch. The dynamic duo that was strongly attracted to each other but never acted upon those feelings.

Like I need anything else to ponder, but I will. I am thinking me in the Carolinas at the end of the month might be a good thing.

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