27 December 2006

Graduation Day II

Yesterday, I went to my acupuncture appointment. Rolled my jeans up over my knees and assumed the position to receive my needle treatment. Relaxed into la-la land.

Afterwards, my Needle Gal told me that my pulses are strong and balanced; unlike when I first arrived at her office. She further informed me that I can make my next appointment when I need it - whether it is 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month, or hopefully never - just for tune ups.

I was so thrilled. Balance is what I sought, and I achieved it. I feel so wonderful because I took charge of my illness and found out how to beat it - for me. I found what works for me. I now know how to step in and stop the spiral.

Knowledge is so freeing. Knowing what is triggers me is key. Then being able to execute the next steps is just as key. Feeling whole again is sublime.

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