03 January 2007

A New Year - Shining and Bright

For every high in 2006, there was an evil twin of superior strength to counteract any of the happiness I enjoyed. However, in the face of the adversity, I experienced direct hand-to-hand combat with my key demons. I came out of battle victorious and that victory will ripple through the rest of my days here on earth. For that victory alone made all my moments of grief, sadness, and pure torture worth it all. In 2006, I found my true self - the most important aspects of myself lost for many years but reemerging stronger and brighter every day. For that alone, I am truly grateful.

I need for 2007 to be shining; hence, that is my goal above all goals.

Weight Loss and Maintenance - finish that up already. The fact that I bought size 8 jeans - yes - 8! - right before Christmas was spectacular. Size 10 is fitting again. I am so uber thrilled to be only 4 pounds away from my goal weight - my before the world melted down around me original weight I always was. I may just try to get down a little more than originally planned though. Just because I can. A skinny gyrl is a happy gyrl.

Establish new friendships; improve nourishing current friendships. I am getting better - like one million percent improvement - at talking to random strangers and getting the fuck out of the house after a long work day. My social life is beginning to bloom a bit. I will have a healthy social network before long.

Find work that makes me happy again. Feeling vital and productive is key. Burnout was a key theme for a good portion of 2006. I am over it. Time to move on and find something that makes my heart sing again. Key factors include advancement opportunities and getting the fuck out the house a bit more. Being thinner helps this immensely as I can fit in my suits again; hence, being in the public eye not evil anymore. I am done turning my wheels and life being nothing more than a template complete with uncooperative peeps.

Finish the house renovation project once and for all. I need to enjoy the house rather than curse it. I have made great strides and have only one big project remaining. The time has come to start enjoying the house and having peeps over. I am done slaving over it. Need to start living in it.

Embrace my independence. Enjoy being single. I have come to realize and accept that even at 32 and with all the amazing adventures I have had since high school/university, I still have a few big wild oats to go sow. Probably a year or two more of pure adventure and answering to no one is necessary so I don't regret it later. I have always sought to live a life less ordinary - snatching up those little bits and pieces is key.

As always, keep trying new and different things. Continue adding to my bag of tricks. Become more comfortable in being attractive and magnetic.

Of note: Congrats to Helen!

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