19 January 2007


Wednesday night was my big night out this week. It was a slow week on the social front. But as is usual here, it is feast or famine; you see, next week I am booked Tues, Weds, and Thurs.

In my new be social and get out there mindset, I went to drag queen bingo with the group. I was so proud of myself for being there on time. woo hoo. Of course, I end up sitting down and get joined by an older man waiting for his blind date to arrive. I have switched cocktail of choice from vodka tonic to rum and diet coke - have to save calories somehow and I justify it with diet coke.

Drag queen bingo was a disappointment. This troupe was no where near as good as my hairdresser and his buddy who ran drag queen bingo at another nearby bar. However, there was a huge bright point - a Brit gal who moved here this spring and she brought a ton of Cadbury with her - heavenly curly wurlys to be specific - nirvana, heaven and much needed as I am in full press PMS mode. Needless to say, I am now craving UK Cadbury goodies. I feel an order will be placed next month.

After Drag Queen Bingo, I joined two other gals for ladies night at a country bar. I'd never been to this place but decided to go because what the hell. After Montana Man exposure, I have learned of this thing called country music. Expanding my horizons, plus the stock show is still in town so there was the added bonus of real cowboy encounters.

But this is my life. Do any hottie cowboys hit on me? Of course not. But who hits on me immediately - BORAT! Story of my existence - first to get hit on of the girls - but it is fucking Borat - swear - absolutely no lie - and Borat is all up in my personal space. I shot that down instantaneously. Get in my face and ignore the one foot personal space rule and you don't have a chance. Blatant rudeness is something I cannot tolerate.

Had fun getting to know a new gal pal - I am excited at the prospect of actually acquiring new friends. On the way home (approx. 1:30 AM), I decided to call up MM. No, I was not drunk dialing or drunk driving for that matter. When MM used to travel for work, he'd always call at 1, 2, 3 AM to talk after he'd been out boozing. Well, I decided it was time for a little pay back. Even though it was a short conversation, it felt empowering.

Of course, getting up a few short hours later wasn't so much fun but I survived.

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