24 January 2007

How to make a day disappear

Yesterday was hell. Pure and simple.

Due to the event roller coaster of yesterday, I keep thinking today is Tuesday as opposed to the Wednesday that it truly is.

Yesterday started off with a bang. The mute mobile phone rings. It is friends from Chicago, who I have have been thinking of a lot recently. It is The Wife Friend using the The Husband Friend's mobile. Ok - they need better names than that... Wifey and Goofy Buddy... not brilliant but getting better.

Wifey tells me that she has some bad news. I know deep within my heart what she is about to say but I refuse to believe it - her hubby, my Goofy Buddy is dead.

Immense unspeakable sadness comes over me immediately. My heart is so heavy, it now resides in my feet. Goofy Buddy wasn't able to fight his cancer any more. He was only 40.

Goofy Buddy was exactly that - a goofy guy with the biggest heart in the world - a truly dear friend. The only friend of my ex-husband (The Leech) who remained my friend post-divorce.

Speaking of divorce, I had to call the Leech to let him know about Goofy Buddy. Of course, the phone number I had for him promptly informed me the number had been disconnected. I sent an email but didn't know when or if The Leech would check it. So I called the least offensive of The Leech's friends for his phone number. It was a painful call and no number was received but I asked for the message to be relayed. That was definitely above and beyond the call of duty but I did it anyway.

Tomorrow I am getting on the plane to go to the funeral. I should have went to see Goofy Buddy when he was alive but going now is what I can do to honor the special place he held in my life.

Then Montana Man is having health issues. Lovely. Even though we are not dating, I still care about his overall health, especially since surgery may be required.

Then work continued to mount and is getting quite ugly. I have been working 12 hour days all week. I am burnt out!

Then I check the RSVP list for my dinner tonight. I am floored. A bad blast from my recent dating past is going to attend. I'd been looking forward to this dinner for weeks and poof! Vintage Luxury Car Man is going to be there - it is a small restaurant and only a group of 40. I am crushed. The background is that he was a dull date - dinner at 5:45 (if I was 5 minutes late, he'd ring the phone off the hook), a hockey game, then part ways. A girl's gotta eat but then I had enough. Since I do believe in dating karma, I broke it off stating I needed to get over my divorce and realized I wasn't ready to date yet. well.... Vintage Luxury Car Man did not take no for an answer - he harassed me for weeks to "still be friends." I said no and eventually stopped responding because he. just. didn't. get. it!

So I thought I would go early to be sure to enlist girl pal help to position myself safely. Well, he was there already but I did not acknowledge him. I was proud of myself but I feared opening the door again and I am so not going there.

I survived. He stared at me all night to try to engage in making eye contact to open the door and I didn't play. Some guy sat near me and later I find out that he has a tendency to stalk. Yes - leave it to me to have him talk to me all night. Oh well.

Then I get home to find that The Confused ex-coworker freak has pinged me twice. I haven't talked about the whole Confused Ex-Coworker Freak ordeal - that will be coming - I promise - because it is another can only happen to me story. Dear God - why all the weirdos! I just x'd out the conversation window and pretended that it never existed.

Then I couldn't sleep because I was hopped up on chai tea - obviously caffeinated. I finally fell asleep at 4 AM. The alarm went off at 5:30 AM because Wednesday is a gym day.

Hence why today feels like Tuesday.

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