02 February 2007

Funeral Tales

Last week, my trip to the funeral was uneventful and ever so heart breaking. Goofy Buddy looked nothing like himself but I did say get to tell him "see ya later gator".

I polished off a bottle of Trader Joe's infamous Charles Shaw wine on the night of the wake. It was simply necessary. While Trader Joe's was full of shiny bottles beckoning me to place them in my basket, I was sad that the ban on liquids on airplanes would squash the bulk of my fun. However, I could not resist the small jar of ginger sauce that had to come home with me neatly tucked in the checked luggage.

The funeral was to begin at 10 AM. I got there at 9:30. As the clock crept closer to the appointed hour, no one, save two or three others, were in the church with me. I began to wonder if I was at the right place?! Weddings start late, but usually funerals are punctual. This one started about 15 minutes late.

Walking out of church, I saw The Leech and I lost it. I would have never predicted it - but I saw him and the tears came pouring out of me - uncontrollably. The Leech was actually quite nice. After Goofy Buddy was planted, we went to a late lunch. While it was a little cautious, it was ok.. and I know that made Goofy Buddy quite happy.

The oddest part of it all was that several people were taking photos throughout the wake, funeral service, and the actual burial. I wouldn't want photos of my dead body taken. Would you put those photos in a scrapbook. I found it odd and a little morbid.

Of course, the greyhound caused trouble while I was away. She ate some other dog medication and an overdose ensued. I couldn't do anything from a thousand miles away but dream about the big vet bill that would result.

It's been a wild week here - lots of work - lots of progress - lots and lots. And never fear, there are some MM tales too... but I'll save that for tomorrow.

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