20 February 2007

The Sorta Blind Date and Turning the Page

Last night I had dinner with my mentor. After years of a professional relationship and subsequent friendship, we finally met each other face-to-face. She was no where near the picture I had developed in my mind, even though I had seen a few photos of her. It was very much like meeting a blind date as I cautiously walked toward the only woman standing outside the hotel lobby and asked her, "Is that you?" She was of course just as fabulous in person as she has always been on the phone.

Upon arriving back home after a heavenly dinner, I was disappointed to check the caller id and see that no one had called while I was out. Harry Goldenblatt had said he'd call on Monday and I was sad to see he hadn't. I was disappointed because I thought I must have misread our date. I had thought he had a great time.

I was home about 20 minutes and the phone rang. Much to my surprise, Harry was on the other end of the phone. He was having a busy day at work but wanted to sneak away for a few minutes to give me a call because he "said he would." A man who keeps his word - bonus points.

Because he was sneaking away, we spoke briefly. He said he had a great time the other night and hoped we could go out again. I affirmed this and I could hear the happiness in his voice resulting from my answer. I honestly did have fun. Harry seems to be genuine. But everything I see right now is superficial and I recognize that - so not placing stock in anything yet.

So, we'll see where the Harry story goes next... I don't know about you, but I am definitely ready for another good story.

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