22 February 2007

Where Afternoon Takes You

After work yesterday, I met up with my new gal pal, Sparkles for happy hour. We had a grand time. It is so nice to have that girl camaraderie. Of course, consuming drinks on a very empty stomach - not so good - not so good at all.

Later on in the evening, caught up with Harry G. I am really liking him. We had a few more cocktails and then headed over to his place since sobering up was very much necessary.

Harry G. lives in your typical male loft situation. He shared photos of his family and shared part of his story, shared some of life growing up. He seems to be a sweet man. The scary part is that Harry G. appears to be relatively normal. Of course we all have baggage but on the surface, he looks like he has it together. Things are not as complicated as there are no kids or ever present ex-wives to wrangle with. It is wonderful to have that level of normalcy and calm.

I lazily woke up which escalated to a start when I realized it was 6 AM and Harry was next to me. Drunk gyrl must have passed out on him. I did a quick check - all clothes were still on - breathe huge sigh of relief. I really don't want to fuck things up. Harry was genuine about it all and took it in stride stating we both were tipsy last night. He did not try to take advantage of me as he very well could have. Any man who speaks of his rabbi and her husband can't be bad.

When I left, he walked me out to my car. He held my hand every step of the way. The surprising yet delightful part was when he referred to himself as my boyfriend. Those words had a nice ring to it. For the first time in my life, hearing those words did not make me want to run away. I did not into panic mode. That has been such a powerful realization for me. Rather than wanting to run away immediately, which would be my typical response, I felt so much delight in those words and look forward to embracing that. The Shrink would be so proud of me.

Who knew that a little happy hour could turn into a happy place? Who knew that all the little quirky things that make me who I am - the little things Montana Man did not like - Harry G. would enjoying drinking them in? Who knew that one Jewish man I randomly met would help me to realize the depth of my growth?

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