19 February 2007

What's Important?

so, the date with Harry Goldenblatt...

it was a lot of fun. go get 'em personality. tall - which is a big turn on because this girl loves her heels. digging me. a hand holder. a sparkle in his eye. not a sit at home kind of guy.

Get-up-and-go is very important to me. Funny how the more frogs I kiss, the more I know what makes or breaks a deal fairly quickly. Harry - totally my scene; the guy that Shell set me up with - even less, this is in addition to the TMI phone conversation we had in which I discovered he is totally and completely desperate.

Harry made me realize that Shell's guy is a train wreck waiting to happen. I met Harry on Friday, he immediately got on my calendar for Sunday. Shell's guy is still trying to figure out a plan after two weeks. Initiative - a biggie in my book. Confidence - mandatory.

Harry has been married; Shell's guy hasn't. Being over 35 and never married raises big red flags to me. Not just commitment issues - there are a whole slew of issues that cause such a situation. But if a man has been married before, it tends to be a more "normal" (i am using the word loosely) dating experience - they tend to get it a little more than the confirmed bachelor types.

Is Harry the be all, end all? I am not saying that. Is Harry a fun guy who I would like to get to know a little better? Definitely.

I am ready to have fun again. I am feeling vibrant. I am ready to roll with whatever stumbles across my path. I am ready.

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