05 January 2007

2007 - Starting to suck already

Yesterday was ugly. So much for a bright sparkly new year. My Benz mechanic called. The original problem was much worse once they actually opened the car up. Much worse to the tune of 5k. Coronary. Massive. Motherfucker. Coronary.

So I called MM. Cried a bit. MM will help me sell it after it is fixed. I hope it sells itself easily, quickly and I can recoup the money I've spent on it thus far.

The Benz was my dream. I fucked the car up pretty damn good and expensively within a few short minutes. Sad doesn't even begin to describe how I feel. Devastated. Disappointed. The repairs cost money I do not have. To have a car like this requires more money than I ever anticipated. However, it was also purchased under the pretense of two incomes - MM and me - we'd be able to cover these items. Two is always better than one.

I had it for 6 months. Maybe that was all I was meant to have it. Maybe I need to find another dream.