12 January 2007

Noodling on MM

My emotions have been up and down a bit yesterday and today. A dash of confusion, sporadic heart pangs (all Montana Man related - of course), throw in a little PMS and we have a Gyrl who's a little more sensitive than usual.

I have been noodling on what to post all day. Noodled or not, I still am not able to concoct a cohesive idea. I know you are tired of hearing about Montana Man - quite frankly, I am tired of it too. Especially since I have never taken a break up so hard before. I don't feel as confused and heart sick as I did yesterday, which is positive. I talked poor Shell's ear off about it today - two hours worth - I love that gyrl!

It is Montana Man's mixed messages that throw me. I know this is the problem, why it is difficult for me. He says "we are friends", then he says "I love you", then he kisses me, and then he goes back to the beginning - wash, rinse, repeat. This is a flow chart!

This afternoon, I needed to talk with Montana Man before calling back the auto broker. I called and MM answered the phone - the weirdness is how he answered the phone - as if to be chipper and happy it was me on the line. He had to call me back due to an incoming work call he was receiving. MM actually did call me back and we talked. He sounded in good spirits. We chatted. Men!

Well. What's next. Gotta keep on moving onward and upward. That's for sure.

I am so tired of all this fucking snow! Today we got a little more snow but it was the bitter below zero coldness that did me in. I need good weather again so I can go out and socialize!! Please send the sun back to Denver - please!

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