12 September 2007

The Pretty Man in the Republic

Saturday night. My third journey to The Republic. I talked Sparkles into deviating from our norm with the young children downtown, especially since I am now on a mission (but more on that later), and head northward toward peeps our age. When Sparkles arrived at my house, she whined that The Republic was too far. I told her to get in the car because we were going to Marg-land. Remember – girl on mission. The Republic or Bust!

So we got to Marg-land, wandering our way to the roof top and settled into a drinks-only table. There were three drinks-only tables and two were steadily filling as Sparkles and I chatted at the third table. Eventually, we swap sides of our table because the two tables have overfilled and this big group wanted to sit together. We no sooner move seats and our table is filled.

Two men sit on either side of us. The man who sits next to Sparkles immediately locks eyes with me and the sparks of instant attraction are firing between us. Holy cow! He is beautiful and he keeps looking at me and looking at me while speaking. Ah, some days it is good to be a girl. He had beautiful blue eyes, a cute face, and oh! the smile! And the best part was he was intent on me. In speaking to these two, they were from the area of the Cali East Bay where I worked for a year. Boom! That blew one of the major criteria, so I knew the pretty man was not it. Still had a wonderful time chatting with them. Of course, discovering both were married was a not a disappointment (see not currently living in The Republic = bad). Sparkles and I bid them adieu and the pretty man pulls me aside to inform me that I am an attractive woman and he was very attracted to me. Talk about good for the ol’ bruised ego.

On the way back to the car and all the way home, Sparkles kept telling me how much she enjoyed The Republic and we need to go there all the time as opposed to downtown. Trust me, I will be in The Republic lots more.

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