23 September 2007

Southern Gentleman's Weekend

The Southern Gentleman is en route back to his home in the south. Honestly, I am sad he left. I had such a fabulous time and it was only getting better. He is even more amazing than I remembered. Ahh... The Southern Gentleman is simply wonderful.

Let's start at the beginning. Getting dressed for work Friday morning, I had to make the critical decision of what to wear since I would be heading straight to the airport from work. I went with the black and white Steve Madden:

(I hang on the edge of the bath tub for you internet! that's what I call love!)

The day crept by until suddenly it was time for me to leave. I feared I would be late because, well, I left late. Luckily, I arrived on time, was able to park, and be there at baggage claim when he came down the escalator.

He saw me first. I had forgotten or maybe even never realized how tall The Southern Gentleman is. Even in my high heels, he still towers over me. 6' 4" is one tall drink of water.

Off to the car, let the adventure begin! We went downtown and the booze started flowing along with the conversation. We spent time at the Cuban place, then headed off to bbq dinner, back downtown for more cocktails and finally home. At home, he settled into his room. We each got ready for bed in our respective bathrooms and The Southern Gentleman requested I tuck him in. Now kids, take your minds out of the gutter - no horizontal polka ensued. He asked if I was seeing anyone. I replied no and he said he wasn't either. We both remained clothed and seriously nothing happened and I mean nothing. The Southern Gentleman simply held me. During the middle of the night, he did kiss me once in between my shoulder blades, which melted me with its tenderness and delicateness.

We slept in and that felt great. Then yesterday, we had yummy Mexican food for lunch. Did a bit of shopping. Got The Southern Gentleman some burnt orange since last night was a home football game. Along with his new shirt, he picked up some suds and we went home where we lounged around watching telly and chatting. I could lay around chatting and watching football (which I'd never ever do) with this man and be eternally happy. He explained football to me.

We got all burnt orange'd up and headed downtown. Went to a nice bar and enjoyed cocktails while watching the game along with talking life. Talking life in general terms such as second marriage, children and then he asked a few questions about my marriage to the Leech and it was good that I didn't feel the need to rehash it in gory detail - I am healing from that hell. The Southern Gentleman suggested I come to his southern home for a month to see where he lives and see him on his turf.

We proceeded to the next place for dinner. It was marvelous - tapas and homemade sangria. Then we saw my favorite 80's cover band - fab time. I stopped drinking because I felt no pain but seeing as The Southern Gentleman has almost a foot on me, he was able to continue drinking. We danced, sang, smiled big, smoked a few ciggies, held hands, he took gentlemanly care of me as I too looked out for him, and with each passing hour since he landed, I realized more and more about just how happy I could be with this man.

Got home at 2 AM again, watched a bit of telly. I fell asleep at some point and he put me to bed. I awoke early this morning and I patted down the hall where we cuddled. It simply felt nice to be there beside a wonderful man, to feel his strong arms around me, his warmth, his breath. aahhh...

We had lunch today and went to Chinatown. Then it was off to the airport. I was sad to take him. I would have liked another day. The Southern Gentleman said he'd like to come back down again and that would make me very happy.

Since you made it through my poorly structured weekend account, I leave you with this final photo that best sums up our weekend:

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