17 September 2007

Whew! Somehow I am still alive

I am tired. Bone tired. Moving in slow motion. Thinking how deliciously tempting a nap sounds. How the industrial carpeting could be oh-so cozy.

ACL was good. Dylan was bad, bad, bad. He did not sing; he simply grunted things that I am assuming sounded like lyrics and a song in his head. His handlers need to take him off the road. Because, well, he didn't sing nor show his face. Overall, I'd rather listen to a CD and pretend that last night's debacle did not occur.

I am truly happy I did attend. But am paying for the days on end in the sun today.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day here at the ranch. Meetings after meetings after meeting - all on-site meeting too - so I will be driving all about town. I am tired just thinking about it!

Early to bed tonight!

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