20 September 2007

Thursday - Yikes!

Kids, I am tired. Sadly, it is only 10 PM here. I am ready for bed and The Southern Gentleman hits town tomorrow. I still need to clean a bit but I only want to go to sleep. ACL this past weekend kicked my ass. You can see the photos here.

I think I am going to wear one of my Steve Madden dresses tomorrow to pick up The Southern Gentlemen. I will try to be good and take photos of said dresses.

Tonight I went to happy hour with my neighbor and her pals. This was of course after having gone to get my eyebrows waxed and minimal food for the frig. The Southern Gentleman must have something to nibble on.

I am excited but not the nervous giddy excitement. I think that is due to my thinking - brain working overtime - that a weekend of random sex is not worth ruining a good, solid, long-standing friendship over. Of course, things can still happen. A girl never knows.

I purchased a fab-o necklace last night. I spent more than I should have but it was one-of-a-kind, i loved it, and it spoke to the depths of my soul. The photos don't do it justice because I am photo inept. Happy birthday a little early!

So tonight a happy hour, the vet came but I felt compelled to say low since neighbs is hott for vet man. That whole girl code/ethic thing is too much sometimes, but I must live by it. As a result, I ended up chatting it up with his pal. Vet Friend ended up telling me the story of his life since the last monthly happy hour. It was a sad story. Made me cry. I was made to be a shrink. I have "I will listen" tattooed on my forehead - I am convinced. It was gut wrenching and reminded me of too much shite - Goofy Buddy, my cousin, and the random AZ accident I witnessed.

Must pick up and prepare house for The Southern Gentlemen! And sleep! because I need my beauty rest!

Signing off! You may not hear from me until Monday. Depending on the climate and situation, I just may drop in a line before then....

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