18 September 2007

Weekend Company - or I am too tired to come up with a decent title

The Southern Gentleman arrives on Friday afternoon. I so need to begin sketching out a high level weekend plan. For some crazy reason, I don't feel the need to have a full tour planned and ready. I think that is because that is not quite how The Southern Gentleman rolls... he is mellow and laid back and quite honestly I think he needs to have input on the schedule of events. I need to work on not being the one in control in a male-female dynamic - offering suggestions to pick from as opposed to a schedule.

Of course, the SuperFly Palm lady had a different opinion on my The Southern Gentleman is it theory. As is, per SuperFly Palm, I don't know who the Mystery Meat is. Which disappointed me. More on that later. But I will definitely capitalize on all opportunities. Because you see, free will is involved and I still have conscious choices to make regarding all of this brew-ha-ha. That I know for certain.

However, the problem lies in my mother's new and constant rant about the whole situation. A rant that over uses colloquialisms in excess. If I hear one more time "a bird in the hand," I am going to spoon my eyes out with a dull butter knife. The more she rants, the more I want to move to The South and be even further away from her.

I was quite distraught when SuperFly Palm point blank told me I was not moving any time soon. When I questioned her explicitly, she told me "why would you move, when the man is in The Republic, so the answer is no." Urgh! But I love love love it out here in SxSW land! This is home and the Mystery Meat is in The Republic - damn him! It may be the point where I say screw the Mystery Meat and go where I am truly happiest of all.

I am going to keep rolling with the punches here. Because that's all I can do and I will make sure I have a damn good time doing it.

Next dilemma, what to wear to pick up The Southern Gentleman from the airport???

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