11 April 2008

Random Friday Babbling

Today it is quiet at the office. I soak in these rare quiet moments when the stress has literally left the building. I was able to pop over to Starbucks for a much needed caffeine boost.

Life is ducky. Work isn't nearly stressing me out as it once did. My social life is full of happy goodness. One thing I will miss when I leave SxSWland for the Deep South is my fabulous girlfriends. All my life I have craved girlfriends and that long sought dream has become my reality out here. I know that if I could find that here, I will be able to cultivate that again in the Deep South.

I have been doing a better job at meditating, especially for my upcoming day retreat next month. I have been sitting down every other night and it is getting easier to disconnect my brain from the constant chatter of my thoughts.

Sent The Southern Gentleman an email earlier this week to which he promptly responded - as if to be waiting to here from me, maybe? He was in good spirits and spoke of what local purchase I'd make next time he is out here since I now have the cowboy boots. For some reason, my boot purchase was very important to him.

As for Montana Man news this week, I formally closed an open window of our relationship. It felt good to turn yet another page, to get one step closer to that final page. I am so close to closing the book. For. Good.

And as I make a stride forward on my goal, of course, Montana Man contacted me via IM yesterday. He wanted to know when I'd be home next as he is seeking a booty call. It has been some time since he and I engaged in the horizontal polka and quite frankly I have zero desire to have sex with him anymore (even in light of it being really good sex!). What I do desire is getting my house key back from him along with his monthly loan payment. But truly my house key is at the forefront.

You know, I typed those sentences above and feel good to my depths in knowing that I am truly ready to break free from Montana Man once and for all. Yippee Pats!! I am done.

Now for The Southern Gentleman to do his soul searching pronto! Because this chickadee is ready for a new adventure in the Deep South!


Fiona said...

It IS a good feeling when we wean ourselves from men who aren't good for us, or to us. But sometimes we have to have those in our past, in order to appreciate the truly good ones who come to us afterwards :)

Patsy said...