21 April 2008


The Mile High hit-and-run went swimmingly well. Did not get anything accomplished besides the major milestones; but sleeping in my king sized bed was fabulous.

Saturday was a non-stop day in SxSWland. Social calendar fully booked - started at 8 AM and finally dwindled to a close in the 10 PM realm. While a magical fab day filled with friends, the icing was found in the surprise phone call from The Southern Gentleman.

All morning long, I had been thinking about him as I was going to the gem and bead show. About an hour into the show - late morning - my mobile rang. Needless to say I was taken aback to read his name on the caller id (usually he calls in the evening).

The Southern Gentleman's voice drips my name and I tell him that I have been thinking about him all morning. His response - "Were they hot and steamy thoughts?" to which I replied "but of course!"

He proceeded to share with me that he was very hungover, much like after our Friday night out a few weeks ago. I asked what type of fun he got into and he shared the adventures of an evening with the boys. He had family commitments over the weekend that precluded him from having a couch movie day to recover from his hangover.

I was so happy that he called. He called because he was thinking about our time together when we were both nursing hangovers. He called because he was thinking about me. What more could a girl ask for?!

My girlfriends don't know what to make of The Southern Gentleman's mixed messages. But they also don't know the depth of our conversations. They don't know our entire history; only the snippets I've shared.

I have the faith in us. And that is all that matters.

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Fiona said...

The faith in each other is what will get you through this, Patsy. It's so hard being in a long-distance relationship. I was once told that I wasn't in a real relationship because we only got the 'nice' bits, not the hum-drum daily life bits. Pffffttttt I defy anyone to actually have a long-distance, deep relationship and then think it's full of 'nice' bits. I would have killed to do a load of dirty underwear or go grocery shopping together.

It hurts like hell, being apart, and can drive you a bit batty at times.

That's why faith in each other is so important :)