25 April 2008

Joys of Being a Girl!

This week has whizzed by.

All week I felt extremely exhausted and terribly bloated - Hi PMS, thanks for stopping by and staying awhile! Kisses! Even though I am remain bloated, at least I am awake and bloated today. I despise this rollie-pollie bloated feeling. All this in the face of the fact that I am downing two tablespoons of organic unfiltered apple cider to reduce said bloated yuckiness! Oh the humanity! Enough on my PMS bloating woes!

Arriving at my desk on Wednesday morning, imagine my giddy, unbridled happiness to see an email from none other than The Southern Gentleman. As if to be an unsolicited email from him following up on my Saturday bead show adventure. Positive forward movement... baby steps...

Starting my crusade against the last 5-to-7 pounds desperately clinging to my arse. All about fresh veggies and no corn syrup secretly hiding in the processed items I consume. Label reading, what a joy. Of course, PMS reared itself in my longing looks at the Oreo choices. But I held strong to the cart's rail and kept on rolling down the aisle. Only to sabotaged and rendered completely helpless against the hiding sidecap of Oreos - strawberry milkshake Oreos. The strange part of all this, I do not care for Oreos. That however did not stop the Oreos from tasting absolutely delicious... *shakes fist in air, cursing PMS once again*

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The pups and I will take our big walk. I must get more diligent at walking every other night with them now that I discovered a not-so-ghetto section of the neighborhood sans wild rabid dogs running amok. Also have to make time for meditation, which should be aided by the exercise and not being exhausted.

Goodness, this was rather boring. Holding thumbs for a few fun stories to result from the weekend!

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Fiona said...

Shakes my fist at PMS too - Though I suppose at my age I should be grateful I still get my periods and haven't yet grown whiskers on my chin?

I'm like that with chocolate...and no, I can't or rather don't resist. That leads to midnight runs to the 7-11 and for some reason they're all located in parts of town you really don't want to be running around at midnight.

I hear ya woman!