07 April 2008

TSG Holiday: Thursday

Thursday I got up earlier to deal with the dogs, then crawled back into bed beside The Southern Gentleman. The dogs of course had to check out the man in their mummy's bed. He was very kind to their cold, wet nose wake up calls.

We lounged and then got ready. Of course I had to walk around the house a wee bit wrapped only in my bath towel. I tried on some of his wares. He asked for my ring sizes which I happily spilt forth; he was a bit surprised I knew the size for each my bony fingers.

It was time for lunch, so we headed to my favorite little taco stop and ate outside. From there we headed downtown to do a bit of window shopping for The Southern Gentleman’s business. We went in and out of boutique shops, everywhere shop keepers assumed we were a pair. He bought me a small little piece of art in one shop. A little piece I keep on the ledge above the kitchen sink so I can see it every day and think of The Southern Gentleman.

From there, we went to the river and walked by the river a bit. He wanted to go to the river. This made me think about past references to the river. We watched the few dogs swimming and enjoyed the cool breeze off the water. It was a rather quiet contemplative time.

We headed home to get cleaned up for the magazine happy hour. We had less the good tequila cocktails, some appetizers, and perused the furniture store, which happened to be full of Asian pieces that both of us gravitated to like moths to a flame. In simply shopping for furniture, the similar influences of our lives were brought to the forefront.

The entire day was full of conversation. Very easy flowing. He simply fits right in to my world.

From there we were going to head to the Broke Spoke; however, we stopped for late dinner at a small place, thus never making it to the bar to dance. We headed home for another evening of me being entangled in his arms.

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