04 December 2008

cocktails, eons, and a red dress

We finally spoke last night. The Doctor and I.

Albeit briefly but still I got a preview.

It is so wonderful to hear your voice again. I cannot wait to see you. Then the record abruptly skipped and it started over again.

Our call ended with This trip changed from boring to wonderful the moment I knew I would see you.

No worries, I have plenty of little airline paper bags to go 'round.

Tonight. 5:30 PM. And I am in the red dress. This will be fun.

I promise there will be stories tomorrow, my sweets.


Anonymous said...

and the red dress..? how did you all pull up a the end of the night?

The Coconut Diaries said...

I am waiting on pins and needles to hear about the rest of the trip. Sorry I didn't make it out. Either the fast food people are trying to kill me and steal my inheritance or its a sign that I didn't need fast food.