16 December 2008

you lost him at hello

As you know, most of the time I don't even make it to hello. The plain and simple truth is that it is rapidly nearing a year since I've had a real first date. My gal pals and I are out about the town regularly enjoying cocktails and looking fab. But rarely anything beyond that.

With my currently empty dance card, I joyfully leapt at the opportunity to review Jess McCann's You Lost Him at Hello. Let's face it, my current dating tactics require improvement. While I love my girlfriends dearly, I would like to have a date that is not gay, married, or geographically challenged.

I will admit my gleeful excitement was tempered a bit when I saw that Jess is a gorgeous leggy blonde that seemed to have Sir Richard Branson in a tizzy.

However, I found her approach to dating refreshing and straight forward. While sales is not my forte in the working world, applying it to my social/dating life seems very plausible and easy to do.

I do like that Jess begins by making you realize that obviously there are some flaws in your current tactics because why else would you be reading her book. But it was her honesty and not the flippant style that annoyed me in He’s Not That Into You.

While I do employ several of Jess’ pointers, she adds a little twist to push it over the top. An example is when taking a lap in the bar to check it out, rather that just looking around, engage in meaningful eye contact. We were at happy hour a few weeks ago, and I did make meaningful eye contact, not just glance and men did check me out more. A few men went so far as to speak to me. It was great how tweaking one small thing created such a dramatic change!

That evening, my girls were surprised at the few men who said greeted me as I am typically the most unapproachable of the group. I decided to share some of the ideas in You Lost Him at Hello with my girlfriends and we have decided we are going to start seriously using Jess’ ideas whenever we are out. So Jess, feel free to come on down to Austin because your following down here is growing!

We are going to:
· Know and Love ourselves, our product, before we “sell” it!
· Prospect away for men
· Read his buying signs
· Fill that Funnel!!
· End encounters at the Height of Impulse
· Create a bit of skepticism
· Have even more fun!

If you are looking to change things up a bit, then definitely check out You Lost Him at Hello. Jess fills it with real life examples and easy steps to incorporate into your cute little bag of tricks. I know I cannot wait. Check back here too because I will be keeping a chronicle on how continued application of Jess' concepts turns out for me and my girls.

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The Coconut Diaries said...

What the heck is "Fill that Funnel"? It sounds dirty...

Serena said...

This is a great post, and I will be linking to it at my stop tomorrow. Feel free to pop by and check it out.