02 December 2008

tuesday blahs

I love the end of the year.

I only wish my sarcasm came across as palpable as it sounds in my head. Of course tons of work tasks to be finished and vacation time around here is use-it-or-lose-it, so I will be doing some creative juggling. Time to whip out the calendar and plot a course!

In dire need of getting on the buy a few small Christmas presents for The Southern Gentleman. Must release my inner Scrooge to the universe.

The Doctor is currently en route to Austin. As Thursday draws closer, my weariness factor grows. I had my outfit chosen but am now rethinking the whole ensemble... does the devil really need to wear the hot red dress?

What do you think?


Fiona said...

I give the hot red dress and the hot woman wearing it, a big thumbs up ;)

The Coconut Diaries said...

I dunno. The Doctor doesn't seem to need much tempting. You could show up in a plastic bag and cute belt and he'd have it for you.

I say wear the dress anyway, for you!