03 December 2008

the wrong flavor of persistence

After an enjoyable evening of Christmastime volunteer work with my girls, we decided to flee the warehouse of coats that the Barbies had built and have a dinner al fresco. Yes, dining outside in December is definitely a perk of life in Texas.

I decide to take a peek at my little mobile phone. Much to my surprise, I see there is a text message waiting for me. There is also a missed call and voice mail. All are from the fair Doctor. He hadn't even landed in Austin yet!

Luckily Coco and Edina were there. I immediately flashed them his message, "Off to austin. get in about 11pm. Up for a nightcap?" Not missing a beat, the are you questions were met with a firm no.

Laughing through dinner complete with battered and deep fried bacon was a wonderful way to end the day. En route home, I discovered that during our heart attack in a paper boat dinner that our hero, The Southern Gentleman had called. However, he neglected to leave a message. I was delighted though that he did call to counteract the married Doctor.

The Doctor is definitely persistent. This morning he already sent me another text message with "Loving the warm weather! How are you?" However, I have yet to respond. Debating how to best handle him. Oh why, oh why isn't this a single, non-attached, well-adjusted man instead of mr. married with children? ! ?

Until then, this shall get even more interesting.

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