03 December 2008

technology is amazing

How on earth did we survive as a species before the advent of caller id and google?

Case in point, a few short minutes ago a random phone number flashed across my mobile's display. I did not recognize the number so I turned off the ringer and went about my tasks.

The caller did not leave a message but I was curious about the origins of the phone call.

Cue google. A quick area code search yielded a Florida county, which was suspect to my baby blues.

My interest is now piqued, promptly leading to a reverse number look up. After inputting ten little digits and hitting enter, my suspicions are confirmed.

The caller in question is none other than my ex-mother-in-law. Delightful! The annual phone call from the evil fucking dumb bitch. It is clear she has yet to be informed by her lovely son, The Leech that we are in fact divorced. So very divorced that February 2009 marks 4 years I moved him out of my house and subsequently out of my life.

Oh technology! I love you so!


The Coconut Diaries said...

Are you serious? How can she NOT know that you guys are divorced??

patsy said...

Coco ~ looks like he hasn't spoken to her since he moved out. he hadn't really spoken to her since before we got married. I should write up some of the tales of terror that became regular occurances once we announced our engagement...