17 July 2008

Coco meets SJP

For the first time in two weeks, I finally feel settled and calm. The insane roller coaster ride of emotions came to a stop and I got off the ride. I couldn't be happier and for icing, there are some percolating future develops that have given me a whole other side of hope. I missed ya, Goodness!

A few months ago a we had a new gal join our group. Edina went to a happy hour that I missed due to be in transit and upon giving her report on said happy hour, she proceeded to tell me that a wonderful new gal joined. As the new gal always carries her signature Chanel bag, henceforth she will be known as Coco. My first opportunity to meet Coco was during one of my little Sex and the City refreshers before the movie was released. From the instant Coco walked in the door, I liked her.

Our paths have crossed at various celebrations and happy hours and each time I enjoy her more and more. One of those people that I just click with. Last night we met up at a wine bar for happy hour. We were getting to know each other without the confines of the rest of the group - as in the group setting I am typically not so candid. Unbeknownst to me, Coco also invited our mutual acquaintance, Curly Sue - the gal who went to the Moose signing with us - which was a bit of a damper as Curly Sue's energy changed the dynamic... things went from relaxing and laid back to a nervous-ADD energy.

The topic of dating arose. Curly Sue lamented her latest on-line endeavors. Conversation turns to the fact I have not been on a date in 7 months and Curly Sue brings up my rigid list of must haves. Now Curly Sue does not agree with my list as she feels it is too unattainable and was seeking validation of that from Coco. Imagine the surprise on CS's face when Coco tells her that someone she knows had a similar list, laminated in fact that the woman would extract from her wallet and present to potential suitors... and the moral of Coco's story was that the woman got everything she asked for and is happy to boot.

We had to go to the other side of town for dinner at CS's insistence, rather than walk to one of the 83 nearby places. It was late and the wait was long so we merely had apps at the bar.

It was fun though getting to know Coco better. I think we could become very good friends. While my time here may be drawing to a close, Coco will definitely further spice things up as she has a wonderful spirit and sense of humor... oh and as we were leaving the restaurant, the waitress asked me if anyone has ever told me that I resemble Sarah Jessica Parker... I was a little taken aback as I don't view SJP as attractive, but Coco jabs me in the arm and says "Take that as a compliment!" Yeah, we're going to be fab friends!

Cheers, my lovies... have a great weekend!

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