01 July 2008

mini-break fun

Ah, the fun and games this past weekend. Golly - it was quite a time.

Obviously there was a running theme from the month of June. The theme? Me ending up topless in the water. With people. This time specifically women on our girls celebratory weekend. I wonder what my unconscious is trying to tell me? Or maybe it is just that long since I have had any sort of relational activities that stripping has become an outlet in my intoxicated state. Never before have so many people seen my fully exposed boobies before. Wild.

Aside from the half naked adventures, I had a grand time. Beyond blessed is what I am to have such wonderful girlfriends. We were an eclectic group but we had a ball. Enough food to feed half of Africa for 10 days. Obviously rivers of booze flowed. Cigarette breaks were taken. Sweating to death in the Texas heat led to sticky butts on pleather seats. We played vicious games of Uno. Laughed. Sent dirty text messages. Cooked. Ate without counting points or calories.

It was sad to pack up and disband on Sunday afternoon. The mini-break was much needed and I could have stayed just one more day. I am over the moon to have found this fabulous group of women to call my friends. After living almost 32 years without a group of close girlfriends, I am delighted to have secure, caring women I can call 'friend', who accept me for who I am without exceptions.

I've lost my train of thought... it is getting sloppy now... so sayonara for today!

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Whiskeymarie said...

I WISH my girlfriends would get together for weekends like this. Any time I suggest it, I get a waterfall of excuses why we can't. Too busy, plans they can't cancel, maybe next month, blahblahblah...