30 June 2008


I had never been to a book reading/signing before. However, en route to the weekend debauchery, I got an invite from a pal to attend the Moose signing on Sunday. I eagerly agreed as I have read Stephanie Klein's blog for awhile and thought it would be interesting to her alive and in person.

I am assuming most attended her earlier Austin kickoff signing because the Barnes and Noble was relatively empty. With the low turnout, I felt badly for her. There wasn't a soul in the first three rows, so we sat up front and center.

I was a wee bit surprised at her heritage as she is 1/4 Puerto Rican. Somehow strangely it made me feel better as I am a blue eyed 1/2 Puerto Rican who receives odd looks when people learn of my background. She did have a fabulous blowout though - I wish my locks could be so straight in the same humidity!

While I have no desire to read a book about adolescent fat camp, I certainly did resonate with Stephanie's statement that she has learned to look at her body as a vehicle as opposed to her body defining who she is.

It was fun to actually see her... also catching a glimpse of her much talked about twins in their stroller, and being hypnotised by the huge rock of an engagement ring that dwells on her left hand.

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