05 June 2008

Jetting home from Cali, I had this strong feeling, knowing that my days down here in Austin are numbered. I will not be here forever. My life is evolving and changing, making it imperative that I enjoy myself thoroughly. The vibe of this place is fabulous. The outing options - marviepoo. But my friends, partners-in-crime are truly what makes this place so magical.

Most of the winter and spring, I wasn't out and about with reckless abandon. Having the pups here has curtailed my nights out to some extent. However, with this strong compelling feeling of the clock ticking, I have decided that the dogs must suck it up a bit in order for mommy to have more fun.

Before I know it, my life will change dramatically. While it is a change I am eagerly looking forward to (and cannot wait for him to be direct about it already), I truly need to focus on my now. My priority is soaking up the wonderful life I have built here rather than dreaming about the step.


Fiona said...

Live in your NOW. It's all we have in reality. Suck the living daylights out of your now's, Patsy :)

Whiskeymarie said...

*Eating pita chips and a bucket of hummus
*cocktails with my girlfriends, often.
*Court TV